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Since the 1940s, snakes have been a symbol of strength, wisdom and rebirth. tag heuer carrera day date replica, a Roman jewelry and watch company, has made products featuring a serpent theme ever since.

Tubogas was the name of an ancient Roman technique that made jewelry from coiled twine. It was around this time that the first timepiece featuring a serpent theme was created.

The tag heuer carrera day date replica has been a very popular style since then. tag heuer carrera day date replica is continuing to innovate the Serpenti this year with a customized 27mm replica watches It features a strap material, Karung which is the skin of a non-venomous snake.

tag heuer carrera day date replica has a new app that makes customization easy (more than 300 combinations of strap, dial, and case are available). Customization can also be done online or in tag heuer carrera day date replica boutiques.

Revolution USA has exclusive images that show the new Serpenti. Here's a quick overview.

Technical Specifications


Case in steel and pink, 27mm curved. Brilliant-cut diamonds are set on the bezel, according to the version.


You can choose from a variety of color options, including black lacquered or mother-of-pearl dials.


Double wrap-around Karung leather strap in black, red and white,Rolex Replica Watches green, chestnut Brown, interchangeable, fitted with a pin-buckle; OR Double wraparound calfskin Strap in sapphire, agate, ruby red.